Maple BBQ

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Love BBQ flavors, but weep that they’re usually NOT vegan-friendly?

Good news, plant-loving friends. At Eat Clean, we decided to take action and create the solution: Our own mouth-watering BBQ seasoning mix that, unlike most mixes and sauces, has sweet flavors but NO honey. To keep the caramelized, sweet flavor, we added flavorful maple instead.

So (drumroll, please) our Maple BBQ seasoning mix is 100% vegan! Not only that, we believe it is even more tasty than regular honey-infused options.

Our Maple BBQ mix has a light, smoky flavor. It’s bursting with black pepper, garlic, and a hint of ancho chili, as well as that Maple sweet lightness. All that, with zero grams of sugar! Classic smoky BBQ taste without any of the guilt? Let’s get cookin’.

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Maple BBQ Description

Our Maple BBQ seasoning mix is vegan-friendly with a light, smoky flavor.

This mix is perfect anywhere you want that classic smoky BBQ taste without the guilt of added sugar.

Ingredients: Paprika, Maple Sugar, Black Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Ancho Chili Powder


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