Mood Support

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Balance your mood with this organic herbal supplement that helps maintain a positive base mood in those struggling with sadness, anxiety, anger, or feelings of emotional numbness.

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Mood Support Description

If you suffer from feelings of sadness, anger, or aren’t able to emote much at all, then you may benefit from this natural, organic, vegan mood support supplement.

This supplement uses a variety of herbs and other natural ingredients to give your mood the stability it needs to maintain a normal balance between your emotions. The main ingredient is St. John’s Wort, which has been used in traditional medicinal cures for depression for centuries. The African seed extract, Griffonia, is also used in this mood support to naturally raise the serotonin levels in your brain, lifting your mood. It also contains Siberian ginseng, which is a Chinese root plant used to decrease stress.

When all three natural, plant-based supplements are combined, they can help you to maintain a positive and normal mood as well as aid in keeping your nervous system healthy.

If taken three times daily, our Eat Clean Meal Prep mood support can help to boost your mood!


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