Protein Pack

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What’s Included

  • CLA 90
  • BCAA w/ Glutamine & B Vitamins
  • L-Glutamine 300
  • Pre-Workout Formula
  • Whey Protein Vanilla or Chocolate
  • Eat Clean Shaker

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Protein Pack Description

CLA 90

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a natural omega-6 fatty acid found in meats and dairy products that have been shown in certain studies* to enhance your metabolic activity at the cellular level, helping you reduce body fat while increasing lean muscle mass. By potentially changing how your body utilizes and deposits fat, our CLA 90 combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise will give you that lean and toned look you’re after.

Unlike other fat-burning alternatives, CLA 90 is not a stimulant and is derived from all-natural ingredients that help you gain fat loss and muscle definition without harmful side effects. And with no artificial preservatives, colors, sugar, or fillers (such as corn, wheat, and soy), you can be certain you’re getting a healthy supplement that can be taken on a regular and long-term basis.

BCAA w/ Glutamine & B Vitamins

Our specialized BCAA formulation is ideal for athletes looking to build lean muscle and reduce muscle breakdown after intense workouts or physical training. The combination of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine, amino acids that are not naturally produced by the body, work together to activate protein synthesis and even aid in weight loss.

Although BCAA can be found naturally in foods such as red meat and dairy products, active individuals rarely consume enough, and our BCAA powder fills in this gap. Low-calorie diets and extreme training can leave your muscle tissue vulnerable to break down. We help fix this problem with easily consumable and great tasting watermelon flavored BCAA powders that can be mixed with water or your protein shake and consumed before, during, or after a workout. Additionally, our formula is infused with Glutamine and Vitamin B for maximum absorption.

But what’s not in our formula is just as important as what’s in it. Unlike many other products out there, our BCAA powder contains no preservatives, artificial colors, sugar, salt, dairy, soy, wheat, corn, or yeast.

L-Glutamine 300

Eat Clean Meal Prep L-Glutamine is a popular multi-purpose supplement that has been shown to be a significant fuel source for intestinal, immune, and brain cells, making it one of the most important amino acids for nourishing and soothing muscles while at the same time supporting healthy mental function. It works by regulating the nitrogen transport to and from muscle tissue, thus promoting a better amino acid balance in your body and promoting glutamine formation and release from your muscles.

Some of the benefits of L-Glutamine 300 are its ability to nourish muscles, improve and support brain function, and reduce physical stress – particularly after strenuous activity. Our formulation provides Free Form L-Glutamine, making it easy to absorb and assimilate into your body.

Eat Clean Meal Prep L-Glutamine contains no artificial color, no flavor or sweetener, no preservatives, no sugar, no dairy, no soy, no wheat, no yeast, is gluten-free, and is sodium free.

Pre-workout Formula

If you’re looking to take your workouts to the next level, our Pre-Workout Formula with Energy and Endurance Booster is the key to going faster, longer, and harder. With our proprietary blend, you can unleash your potential and power, increase your stamina and energy, and start seeing results faster from the same workouts.

The impact of our formula is based on the foundational ingredients we include:

  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • Carnosyn® Beta-Alanine
  • Arginine Alpha Ketogluterate
  • Guarana Seed Extract
  • Kreb Cycle Intermediates
  • Alpha Lipcic Acid and Citruline Malate

So, whether you’re looking to boost your workouts to the next level, enhance your endurance, power through the next set, or push through that last rep, our Citrus Flavored Pre-Workout Formula with Energy and Endurance Booster is exactly what you need. We’ll help you train harder and longer without damaging your body.

Pre-Workout Formula with Energy and Endurance Booster contains no artificial color, no flavor or sweetener, no preservatives, no sugar, no dairy, no soy, no yeast, and is gluten free.

Whey Protein – Chocolate or Vanilla

Ideal for weight-lifters, bodybuilders, and advanced athletes, whey protein is a great addition to any fitness and workout program. At Eat Clean Meal Prep, each bottle is packed with 24 grams of muscle-building protein with hardly any fillers such as unnecessary fats, cholesterol, or lactose. Our protein contains all essential and non-essential amino acids and is a great low-carbohydrate and low-fat supplement for healthy tissue and muscle recovery after strength and conditioning workouts.

Our Whey Protein Contains:

  • Whey Protein Isolates
  • Naturally occurring BCAA’s
  • Naturally occurring glutamine and glutamic Acid

And in addition to doing the job it was created for; our chocolate flavor protein powders also taste great and dissolve easily for quick absorption. Mix with water or milk, or blend with fruit or yogurt to make a delicious shake. Now you can hit the gym with confidence that your muscles have the support they need to perform and recover properly.

DOES NOT CONTAIN: Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Preservatives, Artificial Colors, Artificial Flavors.

Eat Clean Shaker

Our premium shaker bottle is perfect for protein shakes, smoothies and more!

Here’s why. There’s nothing worse than taking a swig of a protein shake…and finding yourself drinking dry chunks of unmixed protein powder. Right?

Good news: This shaker bottle uses a metal ball to effectively break up the powder—no blender necessary! With a 400ml capacity, this bottle is perfect for a quick afternoon shake. It’s also extremely portable, fitting in your car’s cup holder or your gym bag.

In short, we love this portable protein shaker because it:

  • Is BPA Free – Made with high-quality plastic, this shaker is certified to be food safe without harmful chemicals leaching into your drinks.
  • Uses a metal shaker ball to create a smooth drink.
  • Is 400ml in size, which is ideal for a serving of protein powder and your liquid of choice.
  • Has a durable design that can handle drops and bumps along the way and stay looking new.
  • Makes for easy cleanup. Simply fill with soapy water and give it a shake, or run it through the dishwasher.


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