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Welcome to Eat Clean Meal Prep – Escondido, where our healthy meal prep San Diego business started.

It’s our mission: To take the hard work out of healthy eating by delivering flavorful, nutritious meal prep.

We do all of the grocery shopping, food prep, and cooking, then deliver food as ready-to-eat lunches, dinners and snacks straight to your door. Cross this time-consuming task off your list, so you can focus more on your busy life.

The Benefits of Eat Clean Meal Prep San Diego North County

Say goodbye to sad desk lunches; we promise to offer amazing meal prep in Escondido and surrounding neighborhoods. Our food prep is:

N Healthy: Each meal is carefully planned for optimal nutrition. We use all-natural ingredients, such as organic fruit, organic vegetables and lean meats and vegetarian proteins.

N Tasty & Flavorful: Healthy doesn’t mean bland. At Eat Clean Meal Prep in Escondido, ingredients are prepared to be delicious AND good for you.

N Easy & Convenient: We put in all the work beforehand, so meals are super fast and easy for you. Simply pop open ready-to-eat meals, like salads, or heat up hot meals in the microwave.

N Eco – Friendly Packaging : Recycable and compostable containers

Delivery Times for Meal Prep in Northern San Diego

Healthy meal plans are delivered on Sunday evenings between 5pm – 9pm, so they’re at the ready for your busy Monday through Friday life.

If this time frame doesn’t work, you can schedule alternative dates and times by contacting us at [email protected]. Please email days and times that fit better with your schedule, and we’ll schedule an alternative time from there.

Get a North County San Diego Meal Prep Discount

To get our healthy Escondido meal prep at a discount, sign up for recurring orders and save 15% off every meal prep order. There’s absolutely no minimum time commitment, and it’s easy to change your card on file at any time.

What is Included?

We offer a variety of options to fit your needs. You can learn more about the types of meals to expect and amount of food you’ll receive in our:

Work Week Plan Office Plan Family Plan

Quick Food Disclaimer Regarding Gluten-Free

While we are proud to offer a gluten-free menu, we cannot 100% guarantee a gluten-free kitchen. That is because cross-contamination could occur, and we want to be honest in saying our company is unable to guarantee that any item can be completely free of allergens.

What We're All About

Empowering you to live a healthy lifestyle with quality meal prep delivery and supplies to enhance your prep experience.

Save time and reduce stress knowing that you’ll receive the best of our products and services time and time again.

Feel the satisfaction (guaranteed!) of complete customer care, great products, bountiful options, and happy taste buds.

Have peace of mind by staying in touch with us. Have questions or concerns? No problem, we are here for you. Just contact us!

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