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  • Plant Based & Compostable

Looking to just try our meal plan for a week? No problem! Our work week meal plans offer 5 full days of tasty and healthy meals.

Or save 15% with Subscription Meal Plans! E

About Our One-Time Meal Plans

Start your day off with one of our egg white cups mixed with baby arugula & mushrooms. For lunch, enjoy our power bowl mixed with roasted butternut squash, charred carrots, and quinoa and for dinner fall in love with our Chicken Satay with a side of Baby Bok Choy and broccoli. These are just examples of the tasty meals we offer for both individuals and families for delivery or pickup in sunny San Diego, California.

Are you vegetarian? Fantastic! We offer delicious vegetarian lunch and dinner meal plan food options like garbanzo bean burgers with grilled onions or tofu stir fry with carrots, peas, onion, and brown rice.

If you decide after a week we’ve made both your tummy and life happier (which we think we will!) sign up for a meal prep plan subscription to get 15% off.

At Eat Clean Meal Prep, we’re all about organic, wholesome, flavorful meal prep. Let us take the hassle out of your work week, one delicious meal at a time.

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At Eat Clean, we believe in transparency and providing excellent customer service. That’s why we aim to answer any and all questions that you may have for us in our Frequently Asked Questions.


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Empowering you to live a healthy lifestyle with quality meal prep delivery and supplies to enhance your prep experience.

Save time and reduce stress knowing that you’ll receive the best of our products and services time and time again.

Feel the satisfaction (guaranteed!) of complete customer care, great products, bountiful options, and happy taste buds.

Have peace of mind by staying in touch with us. Have questions or concerns? No problem, we are here for you. Just contact us!

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